One morning in July 2010 I got out of bed and had a massive attack of vertigo, which sent me back to bed for three days. I was incapable of functioning. I had had it before on and off, but eventually it would not go away.

This time it had carried on for months. I had to get out of bed slowly holding my head at a certain angle and felt sick all the time.

My GP said it was Benign Paroxymal Positional Vertigo. She referred me for treatment called Epley’s maneuver. This I was told was very unpleasant and did not always work. I was given an appointment for January 2011.

In November I started Tomatis Listening Therapy hoping that might shift it.

Tuesday 9th , the first day I had vertigo as usual. After the first day of treatment I came out of the centre and felt my face was relaxed.

Wednesday started the same with vertigo and feeling after the treatment that my face was relaxed

Thursday morning I got out of bed without a problem, but when I started walking I started swaying so much I nearly fell over. I had to hold on to the walls and the door.

Friday after Tomatis I seemed a little less bad and the same on Saturday. Monday I was quite a lot better and on Tuesday I had no vertigo at all. Instead I felt very emotional.

When I started week 3 in January I had no vertigo at all and I cancelled the hospital appointment. During that week I felt very calm.

I have just finished week 4 and feel fine with no symptoms of vertigo. I feel very calm and at peace. My thinking is expanding to include issues of life and death, incorporating meditation, forgiveness and love.

Postscript. This lady subsequently made a life changing decision to leave her home and garden of 40 years in London which she loved dearly, to be closer to her family and grandchildren in the south of England . Now she is creating another house and garden of her dreams

Testimonial 2011 LG Female 70 years old


The methods used by the Listeneing Centre (London), known as Listening Therapy, are based on the published works of Alfred A.Tomatis and use only the original analogue form of sound.