My primary reason for going to the Listening Centre was to improve my voice. I had been struggling at singing school for the first two terms; mainly with pitch and was close to giving up on music entirely (a field I had only just decided to begin studying). However, the results Tomatis listening Therapy produced for me extended far beyond my initial goal.

Immediately after the first session, and something that continued to occur after the following sessions, I experience a significant shift in colours and visuals. The shift was to be seen in a series of drawings that I enjoyed doing each session; which started off rigid and calculated and became progressively more fluid and rewarding as I experienced more freedom in expression. Being an art director for 4 years and continually drawing and painting since I can remember, the joy I experienced in just the development of my drawings alone was worth the cost of doing the course.

But along side that, my singing voice also improved. Within the first week of therapy I was finally able to hit pitches I had struggled with for 6 months at school; and for the first time I could actually feel where the tone was, experiencing an evident connection with what had before been an uneasy guess or hit and miss attempt.

Assured in my voice, and with a renewed sense of possibility. I decided to take up studying the guitar, an instrument I had never played before. The agility and dexterity and connection that came was remarkable to myself, my teachers and my fellow teachers and my fellow students.

Since the course, I am now a guitarist in a band and have started writing my own songs. I am feeling more open to my inner voice and have discovered a stronger connection between my external and internal worlds.

I would recommend Tomatis to anyone looking to transform their sensitivity to an instrument, to their voice or to their life.


The methods used by the Listeneing Centre (London), known as Listening Therapy, are based on the published works of Alfred A.Tomatis and use only the original analogue form of sound.